Passengers and families receive $3.25 million settlement in bus accident that killed 2

The families of two bus passengers who were killed and the 15 passengers who were injured when a charter bus driver fell asleep on a casino excursion recently settled a lawsuit against the bus driver and the charter bus company for $3.25 million.

The bus accident occurred in November 2009 when the charter bus rolled into a ditch on Interstate 90 as it was returning to Minnesota from an Iowa casino.

Two passengers, ages 52 and 56, were killed in the accident.

15 passengers suffered injuries including fractures to the back, bruises as well as emotional distress.

The families of the two deceased passengers and the other victims filed a negligence lawsuit against Bold Lines, Inc., which was a small tour bus operator that owned four buses and had six drivers. In the lawsuit, the victims and their families claimed that the bus driver had sleep apnea and fell asleep at the wheel. The lawsuit also claimed that the bus driver lied to doctors and Department of Transportation examiners about his medical history.

The defense claimed that the bus driver suffered and unavoidable medical emergency and they asked for summary judgment, a ruling by the court without a full trial.

The court denied the summary judgment and all the parties in the case settled for $3.25 in mediation.

Tour bus companies are liable for personal injuries sustained by passengers if a bus driver was negligent, was not properly trained, or driving while impaired. Bus companies are also liable if the bus had a malfunction due to improper care and maintenance.

Since bus companies are licensed under state and federal laws, they are required to uphold a high level of safety.

Washington state bus accident compensation

In Washington state, if passengers are injured in a bus accident and the carrier, whether it be a charter bus company or a metro bus, may be totally liable to injuries suffered by passengers in the accident. Compensation can include but may not be limited hospital and other medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, disability and emotional distress.

If you or a loved one was injured in a bus accident, seek the expertise of an experienced Washington bus accident and wrongful death attorney. The Farber Law Group has more than 40 years experience representing accidents victims and their families.

 Hill v. Bold Lines, Inc., No. 24-CV-10-135 (Minn., Freeborn Co. Dist. Sept. 14, 2011).

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