Parents using but misusing child safety seats

Most parents are using but misusing child safety restraints which an increase of the risk of injury or death in a car accident.

One study that looked at 1446 drivers with 2287 children showed that, in 66.8% of the cases, the child safety seat was not being used properly, especially in the positioning of the seat belts. Some studies put the number much higher and say there is a 75% error rate in the use of car seats.

Common installation errors include:

  • placing the car shoulder belt over the booster seat arm rest
  • placing the shoulder belt in an incorrect shoulder position
  • fastening the seat belt incorrectly
  • placing the shoulder belt either behind a child’s back or under their arm
  • placing a child into a seat they have outgrown.

Parents often install seats incorrectly because it can be physically difficult to install seats or they do not understand the directions.

See The Safety Restraint Coalition web-site for information on car seat fit and installation and to find places in your county where you can have your car seat installation inspected by a fit expert.

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