Owner of dogs in Sea-Tac pit bull mauling pleads ‘not guilty’

Travis D. Cunningham, the owner of two pit bulls that viciously mauled and injured Hung Le, 71, of Sea-Tac in September entered a “not guilty” plea in King County Court.

King Country Prosecutors say that Cunningham 36, was negligent in not securing the two dogs who had repeatedly escaped and were a danger to people. He is also being charged with two counts of illegal gun possession.

Le suffered disfiguring injuries, her ears were ripped off and she had bite wounds up and down her legs after the attack which occurred after she walked her grandchild to the school bus. Doctors spent more than 13 hours repairing her wounds according to a report by Seattle’s Kiro TV.com. See our regarding the attack. She still suffers pain and emotional trauma three months after the attack.

It is ironic that the same day that Cunningham entered his “not guilty” plea and Le’s son appeared in Monroe to speak to the City Council about adding restrictions to certain breeds of dogs, dog owners jammed Monroe City Hall in defense of the pit bull breed. Le’s son Makus, wanted to speak about what happened to his mother yet the protesters against breed-specific laws did not allow him to speak.

Makus said, “It’s human dismemberment is what these dogs tried to do. It’s not a little puncture wound. They rip and tear. They tear ears off.”

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