Overcorrection a common cause of rollover car accidents

Rollover car accidents are some of the worst types of car accidents with the highest fatality rates. In a rollover accident, the car, truck or SUV tips over onto its side or roof and sometimes rolls multiple times depending on whether the vehicle goes off the road and down an embankment.

Recently, a Seattle family traveling in Montana was involved in a rollover accident which killed a toddler and injured 7 others including a 6-month-old baby.

There are several reasons for rollover car accidents including:

  • driving too fast while cornering
  • side impact collision with another vehicle
  • hitting a curb or tripping
  • hitting a barrier
  • crossing a ditch or a slope
  • over correcting after leaving one’s lane of traffic

In the Montana accident, it appears as if over correcting was a factor in the accident. Perhaps the driver fell asleep or was distracted, left the lane of travel and then over-corrected in attempting to return to the lane.

What to do to prevent an over correction accident

If you have drifted out of your lane and find yourself off of the road, here are some tips to prevent an over-correction accident:

  • Slow down gradually by taking your foot off the accelerator but try to avoid using the brakes or only gently use the brakes.
  • Firmly grip the steering wheel and steer straight ahead.
  • Avoid sudden movements of your steering wheel which may cause a rollover accident.
  • Once your vehicle is under control, safely drive back onto the highway.

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