Arlington, Washington woman killed by teen in hunting accident

The Seattle Times reports that a 54-year-old woman, Pamela Almli, from Arlington in Snohomish County was fatally shot in a hunting accident while hiking with a friend in Skagit County. The accident occurred while the woman was hiking near Rockport in the Sauk Mountain area. Apparently a 13-year-old boy from Concrete mistook her for a bear and killed her with one shot.

After the shooting, the woman fell down a steep hillside. Search and rescue teams recovered the woman’s body. The youth was questioned but no charges have been filed at this time. The young teen was accompanied by an adult on his hunting expedition. According to reports, bear hunting is legal at this time of year.

Detectives from the Skagit County sheriff’s office detectives and officers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are investigating.

This incident is tragic. One wonders if the youth was being properly supervised, if he had firearms training and if the firearm was properly maintained. Were the youth’s actions reckless? Were signs properly posted warning both hunters and hikers that the area was open to both?

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