Oregon man sues Washington trucking firm for $4.5M after injury accident

An Oregon State man, William Geary, 60, has filed a $4.5 million negligence lawsuit against Express Transport Corporation of Washington State and the driver of a semi-truck who responsible for the December 21, 2010 trucking accident that left him seriously injured.

Geary maintains in his lawsuit that both the trucking company and the semi-truck were negligent for the accident that left Geary with a broken neck, spinal cord injuries and fractures to his neck, wrist, fibula, tibia and left knee.

Geary filed his lawsuit after the trucking company’s insurance company was not responsive.
The semi-truck accident that left Geary so badly injured happened as Geary sat in his pickup a truck at a red light, waiting to make a left hand turn. As he sat there, a semi-truck pulling two trailers made a turn and one of the trailers tipped over, crushing Geary’s truck and pinning him inside for an hour and a half. The semi-truck driver was issued a citation for reckless driving after the accident.

After 15 days in the hospital, Geary is no longer able to work and he has nerve damage to his arm and permanent damage to his knee and wrist. He seeks $1.5 million for medical costs and lost wages and $3.5 million for pain and suffering and other lingering problems.

Large trucks on the highways account account for many accidents and deaths in our highways. 2009 data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration found that in Washington State alone there were 1,302 fatal and non-fatl accidents involving large trucks and buses. In 33 of those crashes, one or more persons were killed and 178 people were injured.
Most of the injuries and fatalities occur to the occupants of passenger vehicles rather than the occupants of the large truck because trucks often weigh 2030 times more than passenger vehicles and have a taller ground clearance.

A life in turmoil
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When pursuing a claim against a trucking company, a person should hire an attorney who is familiar with state and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations so that he/she knows how to investigate your case and the questions to ask. Often the insurance company for the trucking company is skilled in minimizing their own liability but an experienced trucking accident lawyer will know how to examine a trucker’s log and obtain other records to determine liability.

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