Operation Lifesaver campaign launched, warns drivers to watch out for school buses especially at railroad crossings

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Operation Lifesaver has just been launched to coincide with the new school year and asks that drivers be especially careful around school buses a railroad crossings.

The message to driver is to put on your brakes and stop. Don’t honk at the school bus driver. Regulations requires that school bus drivers stop at railroad crossings and to look and listen for oncoming trains.

Operation Lifesaver is a nonprofit organization which seeks to eliminate death and injury accidents at railroad crossings. Here are their safety tips:

  1. Expect a train at every highway-rail intersection. Trains do not always run on a predictable schedule.
  2. Trains have the right of way 100% of the time.
  3. Even if it looks like a track is not in use because of weeds, assume that it is.
  4. A loaded train can weigh 6,000 tons. Be aware that the weight ratio of an automobile to a train is “proportional to a soda can and an automobile.”
  5. A trains width extends three feet or more outside of the steel rails. Pedestrians and cars need to leave a safety zone.
  6. It takes a train more than a mile to stop.
  7. Trains are quieter than one might think. An approaching train is always closer and moving faster than one thinks. Turn down your stereo sound system and listen for a train whistle.
  8. Cross tracks only at designated pedestrian and railroad crossings. Never drive around a crossing gate.
  9. Never walk down a train track, it is both illegal and dangerous.

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