Nursing home neglect charged in family’s lawsuit

The family of Doris Rowe, 84, has filed a civil suit seeking unspecified damages attributing Rowe’s death of a cerebral hemorrhage to nursing home neglect. Jessica Mayrer, writing for the Boseman Daily Chronicle, details several suits that have been filed against Evergreen Boseman Health & Rehabilitation due to the deaths of their patients.

Evergreen Health Care operates approximately 50 nursing homes in the Northwest. In Washington State, they operate facilities in Longview, Bellingham, Shelton, Tacoma, Auburn, Bremerton, Colfax, Enumclaw, Renton and Seattle.

George Rowe, Doris Rowe’s husband, says Evergreen is at fault for his wife’s death. Rose entered the nursing home for rehabilitation but her condition grew worse under Evergreen’s care. While at Evergreen Boseman, Rowe fell four times and hit her head three times in the 35 days she was there. Her husband says the cause of her death was inadequate and untrained staff. “Staff would not respond to Mrs. Rowe’s calls for assistance to the bathroom, requiring her to attempt her own transfer to the toilet,” the complaint states.

Evergreen Healthcare claimed that Rowe’s family could not file a suit because they had signed an arbitration agreement. However, the District Court judge ruled that the suit could be heard before a jury.

Rowe’s suit is not the only one filed against the facility. Another elderly resident, Earl Gates, 84, was found dead with head injuries suggesting someone had beat him. Gates’ family has filed a suit charging neglect and breach of contract. An employee — Joshua Adam Rowler, age 23 — was arrested for felony elder abuse, but the criminal charges were later dropped. The family’s suit charges that Evergreen never conducted a background check on Rowler and that he had a prior assault charge.

The Montana Department of Health and Human Services has cited Evergreen earlier this year. In a 65 page document, they listed some of following deficiencies:

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  • Not providing adequate supervision of patients who were prone to falls.
  • Leaving residents alone who were fall risks without bathroom access
  • Over medicating
  • Insufficient food

Charlene Harrington, a University of San Francisco, California professor who has studied long-term care, says that many nursing homes are understaffed by 5%. She believes that nothing is done about the understaffing because regulation of the companies is not very good.

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