Nursing home failed to protect female residents from sexual abuse by male resident

The Illinois Department of Public Health concluded their report on a LaSalle County Nursing Home and found that the facility failed to protect female residents from a male resident who sexually abused and propositioned at least 10 female residents reports ABC News.

The report described how the man would grab, touch, fondle and attempt to kiss female residents, some of them who were ill or suffered from dementia. He was also verbally abusive.

Apparently some of the nursing home staff were aware of the man’s behavior and they cooperated in the investigation. The abuse lasted for a period of six months starting last December until the man was moved to an inpatient psychiatric unit.

The report from the investigating board said

“Due to Administrative staff’s failures to implement policies and procedures for abuse, failure to recognize abuse, and failure to effectively manage facility resources, sexual abuse occurred for 10 residents,” the report said.

While most nursing homes are staffed with caring professionals, some times there are breakdown in supervision and management of the home. In these cases, an attorney who specializes in nursing home law can be very helpful. Then can make sure that the proper authorities are involved and that residents are compensated for any serious harm or injuries done to them.

If your loved one has been the victim of nursing home abuse or neglect, including bedsores, medication errors or falls, you should contact a knowledgeable nursing home abuse attorney. The Farber Law Group has more than 40 years experience representing nursing home neglect victims and their families.

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