Nursing home employee caught abusing patient by hidden camera

A Texas nursing home employee was caught abusing a nursing home patient on a hidden camera installed by the patient’s husband according to a report in The Lufkin Daily News.

The nursing home employee, Johnetta Darshaw Phillips, is being held in Angelina County Jail with a bail set of $100,00. She is being charged with “injury to elderly.”

The nursing home abuse came to light after Bonita Bolin, a 77-year-old patient, complained to her husband, Melvin Bolin, that a nursing home employee had been abusing her. Mrs. Bolin was not able to identify her abuser because of diminished mental capacity so her husband installed a hidden camera.

Melvin Bolin presented a video of Phillips striking his wife and treating her rough on numerous occasion to the Lufkin Police Department . The video shows that the Phillips behavior was clearly abusive and that it was unprovoked.

Mrs. Bolin was very fortunate to have a loved one who was so proactive in protecting her. Often, nursing home patients have no one to look out for their best interests.

Nursing home abuse and neglect
can take many forms including bedsores, sexual abuse, physical abuse, insufficient nutrition, medication errors, dehydration, infection and exposure.

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