Nursing home assistant faces charges of sexual assault

The Washington State Department of Health has suspended the license of Laszlo Molnar, an Auburn nursing assistant, pending charges of sexual misconduct.

According to the WADOH news release, Molnar was allegedly caught on video camera sexually assaulting a vulnerable resident in the adult family home that Molnar works.

The family of the victim had installed a “nanny cam” in the victim’s room and that was how they were able to discover the abuse. The victim Is unable to talk or walk.

Molnar admitted to police that he sexually assaulted the woman on 10 separate occasions.

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Nanny Cam

Nanny cams are hidden video cameras that people install to monitor the activities of nannies and home care givers. Camera can be hooked up to broadband or a DV recording device or memory card so that the film can be viewed live or at a later time. Cameras can be hidden in household objects like clock radios, clocks, a plant or even an AC adapter.

When a family can not be with their loved one 24 hours of the day and they suspect abuse or mistreatment of their loved ones, they have turned to nanny cams to understand the care that is provided their loved one. In some cases, they have caught caregivers stealing jewelry, money or other goods but in instances like this, they can reveal abuse.

In one case, the family of a patient with dementia installed a camera after their mother told them that she was being physically assaulted. When they discussed the report with the care home, the facility attributed the reports to the dementia. The family secretly installed a camera in a clock after they found their loved one bruised and it captured a 22-year-old employee of the care home striking their loved one in the head and face.

Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is intentional actions including abuse or neglect that causes harm or puts a vulnerable person at risk for harm. It is unknown how many people are victimized by elder abuse but it is believed that female patients are abused more than males. Authorities believe that elder abuse is vastly under reported.

Many of those that abuse the elderly are family members including spouses, partners, and adult children. Family members with drug or alcohol dependency, emotional illness or

Elder Abuse in Nursing Home and Long Term Care Facilities

Elder abuse can and does occur in institutional settings. In some cases, there is not proper oversight of staff, the staff is stretched to thin or proper background checks were not performed on employees. Negligent hiring, understaffing, and inadequate training are all grounds for a nursing home abuse claim.

Bellevue Elder Abuse and Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer

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