Nursing home assistance sentenced to five years for patient abuse

A Missouri nursing home assistant, Dennis A. Rowe, age 39, has been sentenced to five years in prison after he was convicted of second degree elder abuse reports the Joplin Globe. Second degree elder abuse is a Class B felony in Missouri.

Rowe was convicted on the testimony of a former nursing assistant, Michael L. Wells Jr., who witnessed the abuse of brain-injured resident. Wells testified that he saw Rowe hit Benny Crowley, a vulnerable and helpless adult who is confined to a wheelchair and is on oxygen, in the testicles. He also witnessed Rowe torturing Crowley by forcing water down his nose and into his lungs through oxygen tubing.

Rowe was not charged until one year after the abuse. Wells testified that he waited a day before reporting what he witnessed to the nursing home administrator after first consulting with his mother and his wife. An investigation then was launched by the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services.

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