Nursing home administrator faces kidnapping and elder abuse charges

Concepcion “Connie” Pinco Giron, 51, has been charged with kidnapping to commit another crime, false imprisonment, elder abuse and six counts of theft from elder or dependent adults by a caretaker reports Henry K. Lee writing for the San Francisco Chronicle.

Giron is accused of stealing money from patients at the nursing home where she worked and actually kidnapping one patient whom she kept at her home in order to steal her pension and Social Security checks.

Giron’s conduct is startling in its brazenness. According to the Chronicle, Giron financially bilked and manipulated the patients and families at the California nursing home and rehabilitation center where she was an assistant administrator.

Giron is charged with:

  • Lying to one patient’s son and telling him that he needed to pay $600 cash a month extra for his mother’s care and then keeping the money for herself; This ruse lasted 18 months.
  • Writing checks to herself from patients’ accounts.
  • Using patient’s ATM cards.
  • Stealing cash form patients’ trust accounts.

State Attorney General Jerry Brown said:

This is a shocking case of nursing-home abuse and a gross violation of trust.

The nursing home administrators called Giron’s conduct an “isolated incident.”

Nursing home abuse and neglect can take many forms including physical signs of bedsores, broken bones, falls, dehydration, pneumonia and medication errors. Financial abuse and manipulation is becoming more common as well.

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