NTSB says bus accident that killed 17 caused by tire puncture

The National Transportation Safety Board recently held hearings as part of the investigation into the August 2008 bus accident that killed 17 passengers and injured dozens more. One of the findings of the investigation was that the bus had an under inflated tire caused by a puncture. The NTSB is emphasizing to all buses and truck drivers to check their tire pressure.

The bus was carrying 55 Vietnamese pilgrims when it went off a major highway overpass bridge around midnight near Sherman, Texas. The daughter of one of the pilgrims who died, Yen-Chi Le, a Houston psychologist became enraged after attending the NTSB hearings because she found out that the accident was preventable. She said, “It was a perfect storm of gross negligence on the part of multiple parties.”
washington bus and truck accident attorneyAfter the hearing, the NTSB says that the motor coach industry is “lax” in their overnight of trucks and buses. The bus driver was found to have used cocaine6-8 hours before the accident and he had lost a previous job as a driver for Greyhound because of cocaine usage.

It was also found that the tire that was under inflated was illegal because it was a retread. Federal law prohibits retread tires to be installed on the front wheels of buses. The NTSB found that the bus had not been properly inspected thought it had been inspected for five minutes eight days before the accident. The inspector did not identify that the front tire was a retread.

After the investigation the NTSB made recommendations to many national and state agencies highlighting safety issues which include tire pressure, bridge railings, oversight of commercial vehicle inspections, bus protection systems like seat belts and oversight of motor carriers.

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