NPR article on Metal Artificial Hips on Morning Edition show

NPR’s popular Morning Edition show did a feature on metal-on-metal artificial hips and their effect on patients this morning. The story, reported by Patti Neighmond, discussed the metal-on-metal hip manufactured by DePuy Orthopaedics which was the subject of a recall August 2010.

You can Listen to the Story here.
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While artificial hips have been restored mobility and provided quality of life for people with severe arthritis and other conditions, the DePuy ASR hip implants have had a higher revision rate requiring a second surgery where a new device must be implanted.

The DePuy ASR system was of a new design and it promised increased mobility for the younger patient and for those with an active lifestyle. It was constructed with a metal-on-metal instead of more traditional designs that had metal on plastic or metal on ceramics. The result is that when the metal ball and socket rub against each other in normal wear, there can be metal shedding which releases tiny metal particles in the tissue surrounding the implant and sometimes even in the blood stream.

Some patients with the DePuy ASR hip have tested positive for high levels of Cobalt and Chromium in their bloodstream. This is a condition called metallosis and it can have potentially very serious consequences including pseudo tumors, tissue damage, allergic reaction, infection and tissue necrosis.

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