NHTSA warns of defective “after-market” car airbags

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has issued a safety advisory to motorists who have had an airbag replaced in their vehicle in the past three years.

According to the NHTSA’s safety advisory, there is a problem with counterfeit airbags in the marketplace which could be dangerous because they do not inflate properly or do not inflate at all
While the NHTSA has no reports of deaths or injuries connected to the counterfeit airbags, they found during testing that some of the counterfeit bags expel metal shrapnel when the airbags deploy.

seattle car accident lawyerThe NTHSA says that the counterfeit bags may affect tens of thousands of vehicles. They recommend that consumers who have had had an airbag replaced within the past three years thru an independent repair shop or who bought an airbag on the internet or thru a non-certified source to have their airbag inspected. Consumers should especially be wary if the cost of the purchased airbag was less than $400.

The web-site www.safercar.gov provides a list of the vehicles and models for which the counterfeit airbags were made.

If your vehicle had its airbag replaced within the past three years and you have one of the model year cars listed, it is recommended that you take your vehicle to a new car dealership to have your airbags inspected. Unfortunately, there will be a fee involved which the consumer has to bear.

Newer model vehicles can be fitted with four or more airbag units and as many as eight and they are designed to deploy in frontal and near-frontal motor vehicle accidents. Airbags have a sensor which detects rapid deceleration and signals the airbag to fire.

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