NHTSA asked to investigate car seat heaters after burn injury reports

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has been asked by a group of safety advocates, including Safety Research & Strategies (SRS), to determine if there is a problem with car seat heaters after reports that defective heaters have caused burn injuries.

The SRS group believes that seat heaters in some cars exceed tolerable levels. At the present time, there are no industry-wide standards for seat heater design or temperatures. Most drivers can sense when their seat heater is too hot but in some disabled drivers and passengers, burn injuries can result if a heater is too hot and they are unable to sense the excessive temperature.

There have been reports of defective heaters burning holes in seat covers as well as injuring drivers.

SRS asks that:

  • Manufacturers put all seat heaters on a timer
  • Manufacturers put heat limits on seat heater temperatures
  • Allow controls which enables disabled drivers and passengers to completely disconnect seat heaters.

We hope this the NHTSA will seriously looking into this manner because a serious burn injury caused by a seat heater seems entirely preventable.

This information is provided by the Seattle personal injury lawyers at The Farber Law Group. We represent people with their product liability claims when a defective product has caused serious injury or death in a loved one.

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