NFL football players sue over brain injuries

In Washington state, youth sports have received notice about traumatic brain injuries with the “Lystedt Concussion Law for Student Athletes.” The law, which is named after Zackery Lystedt, a middle school football player who returned to a football game after a concussion and suffered a serious brain injury, requires concussion training for those involved in student athletics and also requires a player be removed from a game if a concussion is suspected. In addition, the student athlete with a suspected concussion can not return to play until examined by a medical professional.

football_brain_injury.jpgNow, six former NFL football players and one active player are taking on the NFL with a potential class-action lawsuit claiming that the NFL did not treat players for concussions and for not divulging the association between football, concussions and traumatic brain injuries. In another lawsuit, 75 retired NFL players filed suit against the NFL and Riddell, the NFL’s official helmet supplier, saying the NFL knew that concussions were harmful but that they hid the knowledge from the players, coaches and trainers.

The Concussions Committee of the NFL generally denies that there is a connection between brain disease and concussions however a National Health survey shows an increase in symptoms of permanent brain injury in retried football players and this is attributed to concussion injuries.

The players say that they were instructed to “lead with their heads” and were not removed from play even after they suffered four, five or six concussions.

The players are seeking funds to provide both medical care including diagnostic screening tests and funds to care for players who are so severely injured that they are unable to work. They are also seeking a change in football with safer helmets and changes to “head-down” tackling practices.

Retired football players suffer from various brain injuries which they say are related to taking big hits during their football. One player complains of walking around in a fog. Other players suffer from pre-mature dementia and Traumatic Encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease with symptoms including dementia, memory problems, Parkinson-like symptoms, speech problems, unsteady gait and behavioral problems.

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