New technologies will curb distracted driving, save lives

teen%20texting%20and%20driving.jpgIt is estimated that 1.6 million car accidents occur every year due to distracted driving. Now car companies and technology companies are designing new technologies which have the potential to save thousands of lives by preventing distracted driving car accidents.

With an estimated nine deaths a day due to distracted driving and 500,000 people injured every year, technology must keep up with the increasing lure of texting and driving.

Cellcontrol™ — Cellcontrol™ is a technology in which a small standalone “control” box is installed in a vehicle. The device syncs with phones in the car via a app and it allows one to set customized limits on what is permitted on a cell phone while driving. Limits can be customized, for example, a passenger can be allowed to text while a driver cannot.

Life360 is a popular ap which allows families and friends to stay connected. Ford has partnered with the company to provide an in-the-dash solution which notifies people who are texting a driver that the driver cannot answer the text until the car has stopped.

Seeing Machines is a technology which monitors a driver’s eye movements and warns the driver if they are fatigued or distracted by tracking their eye movements.We will see “seeingmachines” installed in commercial carriers first but this is technology that will come to the personal automobile in the near future.

New technologies can certainly curb or stop distracted and save lives.

Driving a motor vehicle in Washington is a privilege and it is the responsibility of every driver to pay attention and stay focused at the task of driving.

Washington state has laws which prohibit drivers from using a cell phone while driving and the state passed a cell phone ban in 2007. The Senate is now seeking to expand the texting-while-driving ban to include all cellphone use while driving except for some hands-free functions.

How can attorney help if I’ve been injured by a distracted driver?

Drivers who are involved in a cra accident due to being distracted may face criminal penalties. In addition, accident victims may be entitled to obtain compensation for:

  • Medical bills
  • Loss of wages
  • Physical therapy
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disability

Each case is unique and circumstances of the accident and a person’s losses determine the amount of compensation. An experienced personal injury attorney can provide you the answers to your questions.

Washington Distracted Driving Accident Attorney

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