New study says some luxury cars earn poor marks on overlap frontal crash tests

A new study reveals that few luxury cars pass overlap frontal crash tests conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

In the past, front-end crash tests were done in which a vehicle hit a barrier head-on. The frontal crash tests simulates what happens when only a small portion of the front end of a vehicle hits another car or a stationary object like a tree or telephone pole. In the test, a car going at 40mph crashes into a fixed object in an offset manner.

People can get seriously injured or killed in these offset types of frontal car accidents because the crash absorbing features on many vehicles are designed to be in the middle of the front end and, in frontal offset accidents, crash forces can come into the passenger portion of the vehicle, injuring passengers.

Passengers are especially susceptible to head and chest injuries in these types of car accidents. People can also suffer serious leg and foot injuries if a wheel is intruded into passenger compartment which can happen if there is not sufficient protection.

Some vehicle manufacturers, like Volvo, have modified their vehicles to strengthen the vehicle to protect occupants in these types of car accidents. Surprisingly, Mercedes and Lexus have performed poorly and given a “Poor” rating in the tests.

If you are a safety conscious consumer, you may want to read the Institute’s report, New crash test aims to drive improvements in protecting people in frontal crashes

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