New DUI monitoring program seeks to keep repeat offenders off the street

breathalyzer.jpgWashington state is following the lead of North Dakota and is implementing a new 24/7 alcohol monitoring program beginning January 1st. The new program will take effect in Chelan County, Spokane County and Thurston County and in two cities, Kent and Centralia.

The 24/7 program allows a judge to order a person who is charged with their second Driving Under the Influence (DUI) to be placed into a pilot program which requires the driver to wear a high-tech bracelet which detects the presence of alcohol or check in with a police station twice a day for a breathalyzer test.

The theory behind the program is to keep repeat offenders from drinking. Those that fail the test will be jailed.

Not every offender is eligible for the program but willing participants must agree to both the intensive monitoring and treatment.

The high-tech bracelet is especially effective for DUI offenders who are alcohol dependent. The device tests the alcohol level through the skin, or transdermally, via their skin.

The program is aimed at taking hardcore drunk drivers off of the road as they are the most dangerous drivers. In fact, a third of all drivers arrested on DUI charges have had multiple arrests. Often these drivers drive with a blood alcohol limit of .15 or higher at least once a month. These offenders are often resistant to changing their behavior.

In South Dakota, the program led to 12% fewer repeat DUI arrests in the counties where it was utilized.

Offenders who enter the program must pay the costs which amounts to $4/day for a breathalyzer test and $12/day for a high tech bracelet.

While the rate of deaths associated with drunk driving has steadily declined, the goal is to have zero deaths. Every year, there are more than 1.4 million arrests and 1.1 million DUI convictions in the U.S. Hopefully, programs such as the 24/7 program will reduce the number of repeat offenders.

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