New car accident study affirms what we all know, “Child safety seats up to the age of 8 reduces risk of incapacitating injury”

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration just released a study which looked at incapacitating injuries in children under 8 years of age when involved in motor vehicle accidents. The results of the study tell us what we should all know:

Child safety seats when properly fitted and used through 8 years of age dramatically reduces the incidence of incapacitating injuries and death.

The study found that children fared the worst in rollover car accidents and that their likelihood of incapacitating injury was more than three times than of children properly restrained. In side-impact car accidents, unrestrained children was eight times more likely to receive incapacitating injuries.

What are incapacitating injuries?

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Head injuries – in car accidents, head injury is the most common injury to children. They are the most dangerous type of injury because they permanently injure a child’s developing brain which can lead to lifelong impairment. These injuries include concussions, skull fractures and whiplash. Effects of a brain injury can include “neuropsychological problems, neurological deficits, frontal lobe injuries affecting social interactions and interpersonal skills, and injuries to the brain centers that control reading and writing.”

Thoracic Injuries – these include rib fractures and lung injuries. Children under the age of 1 were most likely to sustain this type of injury.

Abdominal injuries – these include small and large-bowel injuries.

Upper Extremity Injuries – Fractures of the humerus, radius and ulna bones in the arms.

The NHTSA report provides parents with information they need to realize the importance of using child safety seats. Read the complete report here.

For information on choosing the correct infant and child booster seat, see The Safety Restraint Coalition Coalition. Based in Kirkland, Washington, they have a lot of information for parents and child care givers.

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