Neurosurgeon’s ‘road rage’ trial begins

The trial of Dennis Geyer, a 38-year-old neurosurgeon who is charged with second-degree assault with an enhancement of using a deadly weapon began on Tuesday reports The Olympian.

Geyer was charged with beating Robert Speed, 61, in a fit of ‘road rage‘ says prosecutors.

The incident between Geyer and Speed apparently began on Highway 16 when Geyer claims Speed cut him off with his car. Geyer allegedly followed Speed and, when the two men were stopped at an intersection near Gig Harbor, a confrontation ensued and Geyer allegedly slugged Speed and hit him with a thermos after dragging him from his car.

Road rage is a form of aggressive driving which can include assaults or even collisions which cause injury or death. According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, aggressive driving can include speeding, lane changes which include “cutting off” and failing to signal when passing or passing on the shoulder.

Road rage can often be a symptom of poor mental health and can be affected by traffic flow, traffic volume and over-exposure to driving. Excessive driving can increase the chance than an other-wise non-violent person can become more violent.

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  1. Michael Frier says:

    The title ‘doctor’ needs to be removed. What he earned to be called doctor, he threw away the day he became a threat to society. He should lose his medical license , drivers license and be locked up and throw away the key before he actually kills someone. Would you want to be his patient, on the road he was driving on etc. How he can live with himself is unbelievable. Was their any remorse? I hope the victim sues for damages and wins Big.

  2. Dr. Dennis Geyer was convicted of third-degree felony assault for beating Robert Speed, 61, in Gig Harbor in a case of road rage.

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