National Transportation Safety Board recommends more oversight of air ambulances

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has drafted a set of safety recommendations including asking the federal government to provide more oversight over medical helicopter and airplane operations such as air ambulances and Medivac reports The Seattle Times. The NTSB recommendations come after the medical flight industry experienced seven fatal air accidents last year which killed 23 crew members and five patients.

Emergency medical Services (EMS) using either airplanes or helicopters provide an important service by transporting seriously injured and ill patients or donor organs to trauma or surgical centers. In the Pacific Northwest, Harborview Trauma Center in Seattle routinely accepts Medivac flights from surrounding states.

The NTSB recommends that Medicare only pay for medical flights using companies that meet certain safety and performance standards.

Some of the NTSB recommendations include requiring aircraft to have the following safety equipment:

  • terrain warning systems
  • flight data records
  • night-vision systems
  • auto-pilot

The NTSB also recommends more pilot training.

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