Nail gun safety tips to avoid injury

Every day, an average of 100 people across the United States are treated in emergency rooms for construction accidents involving pneumatic nail guns. In a previous posting, we highlighted some of the serious injuries and even deaths caused by the use of the coil type. In that posting, we discussed a wrongful death claim brought by a widow of a man killed while using a coil type of pneumatic gun. In her wrongful death suit, the widow claims that the contact type of gun should be banned from the market. She is not alone as forensic scientists and emergency room doctors alike believe that the sequential type of nail gun is far safer.

Injuries caused by using automatic nail guns include puncture wounds, brain and head injuries, eye injuries and fractured bones. Musculoskeletal injuries include sprains and tendonitis.

Use the following safety tips when operating a nail gun:

  • Use the sequential trigger type, not the coil type of tools
  • Obtain proper training in the correct use of the tool
  • Carry the tool with your finger away from the trigger
  • Always assume the tool is loaded
  • Don’t point the tool at anyone at any time
  • Keep your hands out of the way
  • Keep a safety zone around you, making sure co-workers do not enter it
  • Disconnect the tool before trying to repair it or clear jams
  • Wear safety glasses.

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