My child was injured by a dog, should I hire a lawyer?

If your child has been injured by a dog, you might be facing medical bills plus the aftermath of the attack including scarring, disfigurement and psychological trauma. Often, the dog that bit your child might be owned by a neighbor, a friend or a family member. In fact, approximately, 75% of all dog attacks occur within the family.

You might be wondering how to file a dog bite claim and still maintain relationships that might be important to you.

The Farber Law Group is personal injury law firm with experience in representing dog bite victims and we assure you, that you can file a claim and still preserve relationships. An experienced attorney can be a “cool head” and help with relationships during a process of filing a claim. Often, settling a claim with an insurance company can be amicable with the injured person receiving the compensation they deserve for their immediate medical expenses, loss of wages and for psychological services.

Reasons to Hire A Dog Bite Attorney

Most dog bite victims never get compensated even though home insurance coverage covers dog bites. A lawyer can help you file a claim and get it paid.

Insurance adjusters often will low ball a claim if the child’s parents do not have an attorney. While a personal injury attorney will work on a contingency fee basis (you don’t pay attorney fees unless a settlement is recovered), the attorney can often obtain a far greater compensation from the insurance company resulting in the child receiving more money for their medical and psychological care as well as pain and suffering.

One benefit to hiring a dog bite attorney is that it can reduce a lot of stress between the family members, friends or neighbors. The parent can always refer any questions or concerns to their attorney. The attorney can reassure any parties that the goal is not to bankrupt anyone or embarrass them but to claim on insurance so that the child’s medical needs are taken care of.

Dog Bite Injuries

Dog bites are one of the top five reasons a child seeks treatment in a hospital emergency room. Dog bite injuries can cause serious injuries requiring stitches and even plastic surgery. In some cases, victims suffer permanent nerve damage which can leave them in pain or disfigured. A severe dog mauling can often require between two and five separate surgeries.

Dog Bites and Washington Law

The reviewed code of Washington, 16.08.040, says that dog owners are liable for dog bites. If a dog has a history of attacking people, the amount of liability against the dog owners is expanded.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious dog bite injury, you should contact a personal injury attorney who has experience representing dog bite victims and their families. At The Farber Law Group, a Washington personal injury law firm, has more than 40 years experience representing dog bite victims.

Contact The Farber Law Group at 1-800-244-9087 or to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation. Our Bellevue office is here to assist you.

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