Motorist who was texting faces 10 years in prison for killing motorcylist

Elizabeth Helen Meyers faces manslaughter charges for the death of a motorcyclist whom she hit while she was allegedly driving and texting.

The auto-motorcycle accident occurred on March 10 in Gambrills, Md. When Meyers pulled in front of the 30-year-old motorcyclist, Jonathan Wesley Roberts, causing him to crash. He died a short time after the accident at the hospital.

An eyewitness to the accident saw Meyers driving with one hand on the steering wheel and looking down and texting with the other hand prior to the accident.

According to the Baltimore Sun, Meyers faces up to ten years in prison as well as fines if she is found guilty of the charges against her including criminal negligent manslaughter, negligent manslaughter by motor vehicle and reckless driving.

It is common today to see someone using a cell phone while driving as well as texting. Motorists engaged in this behavior put everyone’s lives at risk. Significant studies show that texting or talking on a cell phone while driving impairs one’s ability as much or more than driving under the influence. Texting while driving is an extremely dangerous practice and can increase an auto accident risk by 28%.

If you have been involved in an accident and the other driver was either talking or talking using a cell phone, you should contact a personal injury attorney who may be able to recover damages. Washington laws may allow you to collect punitive damages which are designed to punish the offending driver. The threat of punitive damages may help you obtain a favorable insurance settlement because insurance companies do not want to pay damages beyond insurance coverage.

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