Motorist who suffered spinal injury in car accident settles lawsuit for $2.5 million

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of spinal cord injury. In fact, nearly 50% of spinal cord injuries are suffered in motor vehicle accidents, often leaving the injured person with a life time of pain, partially disabled or even paralyzed. People with spinal cord damage can suffer from sciatica, nerve pain, nerve damage, incontinence and degenerative disk disease.

South v. Vasquez

The following case (South v. Vasquez, No. BC 420 371 (Cal., Los Angeles Co. Super. Aug. 20, 2012) describes one such motor vehicle accident case that left a man with a serious back injury and the legal remedies that the injured man sought for compensation for his lost wages, medical expenses and for pain and suffering.

Motor vehicle accident caused by stop sign runner

seattle spinal cord injury lawyerDaniel South, 29, suffered a serious back injury when Carol Vasquez ran a stop sign and hit South’s pickup truck. After the accident, South suffered low back pain and received a medical diagnosis of a S1-L4 herniated disks.

South sought medical treatment for his back condition but when his pain could not be alleviated, he underwent a surgical procedure, a spinal fusion. His medical bills mounted and his medical expenses rose to about $400,000.

Vasquez admitted her liability in the accident yet her attorneys argued that South’s injuries did not warrant surgery.

South’s attorney, fellow AAJ member Douglas D. Shaffer, brought in experts who could testify about South’s injuries and his inability to return to his previous line of employment and his lost future earnings.

The California jury awarded South $3.42 million but the parties in the case settled for $2.5 million after a defense motion for a new trial was entered.

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