Motorcyclist receives $2M settlement for accident caused by roadway condition

A motorcyclist, who suffered paraplegia and a traumatic brain injury when he crashed his motorcycle, has agreed to a $2M structured settlement from Woodbury County, Iowa. Citation: Lamoureux v. Woodbury Co., No. LACV143082 (Iowa, Woodbury Co. Dist. Mar. 20, 2012).

Justin Lamoureux, 26, was involved in a motorcycle accident on a paved county road when he rounded a curve in the road to come upon a pile of gravel the size of a pickup truck in the roadway. The gravel was being used by road crews to repair the roadway.

Lamoureux sued Woodbury County claiming that they were negligent and violated their statutory duty to properly secure the gravel.

The settlement provides for Lamoureux’s medical expenses which were $650,000 and loss of future earnings. He had worked as a welder earning approximately $30,000 a year.

Roadway defects can cause accidents

All motorists rely on the state and local governments to keep the streets and highways safe for driving. Defective roadways can and cause serious car, truck, bicycle and motorcycle accidents. When the state or city fails to properly maintain a road, they may be liable for serious injuries caused in the case of an accident.

The following factors can contribute to a roadway accident that causes serious injury or even death:

  • Improper signage may be a factor in motor vehicle accidents. Proper signage is required when there are severe drop-offs, speed limit changes, merging lanes or construction zones.
  • Inadequate road maintenance may be a factor in cases of chunks of concrete falling from overpasses or huge potholes.
  • Highway design may be a factor in roadway accidents which intersections or highway on/off ramps are poorly designed.

If your motor vehicle accident was caused by a defective Washington roadway, you may have a claim against the entity responsible for the road. Sometimes determining which department of government is responsible for a given roadway is challenging but a personal injury law firm specializing in defective roadway accidents can help.

The Farber Law Group, a Bellevue personal injury law firm, has more than 40 years experience representing the victims of car, truck, motorcycle and bicycle accidents. With our help, you may obtain compensation for your damages.

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