Motorcycle Driver Safety Tips

With gas prices soaring and a weak economy, more people than ever are choosing to ride motorcycles as an economical way to get to work. However, motorcycle riders are the most vulnerable in motor vehicle accidents because there are no seat belts and riders can be thrown in a crash. The death and injury rate for motorcycle riders continues to rise.

In Washington State, motorcycle riders need to obtain a motorcycle endorsement by the Department of Licensing. The endorsement is one way to encourage motorcyclists to have extra knowledge and training before taking their motorcycle on the highway.

Safety Tips:

Wear a helmet

always wear a helmet and make sure it meets the Department of Transportation (DOT) standards. A helmet is of utmost importance and may mean the difference between surviving a crash and dying.

Watch the “No-Zone”

a “No-Zone” is a truck’s blind spot. Trucks have blind spots on both side where the driver cannot see you. If you ride in the blind spot, your chances of a crash increase.

Drive as if you were invisible

motorcycles are the smallest vehicle on the road and have no protection. Many times motorists do not see you. Pay attention to brake lights and signals. Be extra careful at intersections.

Drive smart

keep to the speed limit, don’t over drive your ability to handle your motorcycle. An increasing number of motorcyclists are getting into accidents because they are driving motorcycles more powerful than they can handle. They also travel at speeds at which they can not handle the motorcycle. An increasing number of motorcyclists are crashing around curves, bends and turns.

Watch speed

motorcycles accelerate faster than other vehicles. Especially watch your speed around trucks at night and in bad weather. Motorcycles sometimes crash into the rear of trucks.

Safety check your motorcycle

safety check your motorcycle every single time you ride it to insure it is in good working condition. Proper maintenance is essential.

Wear proper gear

protective clothing such as leathers, jackets and gloves can really protect you if you are in a crash.

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