Mother and son awarded $2.3 medical malpractice award in circumcision injury

A Fulton County Georgia State court has awarded a $2.3 million dollar medical malpractice award to a young boy and his mother after the boy was severely injured during a routine circumcision. The boy was awarded $1.8 million in damages and the mother was given $500,000. Because of the botched surgery, the unnamed baby lost 30-40% of the head of his penis.

In the suit, the family claimed that the obstetrician, Dr. Haiba Sonyika severely damaged the boy’s penis during a circumcision procedure. To compound the injury, the infant’s pediatrician, Dr. Cheryl J. Kendall was called because the baby had excessive bleeding but failed to examine the baby who may have been a candidate for a re-attachment surgery if treated promptly. Instead, the penis tip was placed in a bio hazard bag according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Dr. Sonyika, Dr. Kendall and South Fulton Medical Center were all found liable for negligence.

The injury award will provide the family with enough money for medical treatment and counseling for the boy and his family. There were no punitive damages.

The lawyer for the family pointed out that most parents do not understand and are not informed of the risks of the circumcision procedure.

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