“Most Dangerous Cars” according to non-profit safety group

No doubt about it, cars and trucks have increased in their safety ratings year after year. In fact, in 2010, the number of deaths due to motor vehicle accidents was at the lowest level since 1949.

New technologies such as electronic stability control (ESC), side-impact air bags, increased roof strength are but a few of the safety improvements which either help avoid an accident or increase the safety of the occupants inside the vehicle in an accident.

The non-profit group, Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), whose charter is to reduce the frequency and the injuries involved in motor vehicle accidents, provides safety ratings on vehicles by rating vehicles in four categories:

  1. Frontal offset crash test – a test in which a vehicle travels at 40 mph and hits a barrier head-on.
  2. Side impact crash test – a test in which the impact of a simulated SUV hits the driver side of a vehicle at 31 mph.
  3. Rollover ratings – a test in which a metal plate hits the corner of a vehicle to determine the force required to make the vehicle roll.
  4. Rear-impact protection rating – tests how a vehicle’s seat and seat belts protect occupants from whiplash.

It was with interest that we came across an article, “The Most Dangerous Cars in America” on the web-site 24/7 Wall St. which re-publishes articles centered around financial news and opinion. The article listed the cars that received the worst grades. One of the curious things about this, as the article notes, is that some of the vehicles with the worst safety ratings still continue to sell well.

The cars the article list as “most dangerous” are:

  • Ram1500, manufactured by Dodge
  • Colorado Crew Cab, manufactured by Chevrolet
  • CX-7, manufactured by Mazda
  • CX-9, manufactured by Mazda
  • Pathfinder, manufactured by Nissan
  • Wrangler, manufactured by Jeep
  • SX4, manufactured by Suzuki

You might want to check the IIHS’s Top Safety Picks before you buy your next car. They provide vehicles in every model from minicars, large SUVs and pickup trucks to family cars.

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