Moses Lake fatal car accident attributed to driver drowsiness

A single car accident on Interstate 90 near Moses Lake on Saturday killed Robert Goodwin, 37, of Silverdale, and seriously injured his wife, Bridget Goodwin, 36, and their two young sons, ages 7 and 2.

According to a report by Seattle’s KOMO News, Bridget Goodwin was driving the couple’s minivan when she fell asleep and lost control of the vehicle.

The car accident occurred around 2:55pm, approximately 6-1/2 miles east of Moses Lake.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration estimated that between 1989 and 1983. 56,000 car accidents were associated with driver drowsiness and fatigue. Actual accident figures may be substantially higher because “drift-out-of-lane” crashes are not always factored into drowsy driving statistics.

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