More hunters injured in tree stand accidents than gun accidents

Firearm deer hunting season has opened in many parts of the country. One article that caught my eye, and posted under “Weird News” in was that during the opening of the season in Illinois, four hunters were injured and one of those died. Fire arms accidents? No, tree stand related accidents. However, as we have written in the past, tree-stand accidents are far from uncommon and maybe they don’t belong under “weird news.”

When you think of it, hunters are hauling a lot of gear up a tree onto a platform that is 10-30 feet off of the ground. It’s not uncommon for hunters to fall, often suffering serious internal injuries, brain injury, spinal cord damage and even death. Sometimes, a loaded gun will be dropped or bumped and the hunter accidentally shoots him/herself or someone else.

“Hunters need to be vigilant about firearm safety at all times, especially when transporting their firearms, moving them into and out of tree stands, and whenever they are in the field,” said Jeff Hopkins, administrator of the Illinois Department of Natural Resources Safety Education Section.- “While we had only a few tree stand accidents during the first weekend of the firearm season, most tree stand mishaps are preventable if hunters make sure their stand is structurally sound and they always wear a fall-arrest system full body harness.”

If you’re going to be hunting using a tree stand, do yourself a favor and wear your harness and take an online tree stand safety course created by the Treestand Manufacturers Association.

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