Medical malpractice suit: kidney transplant gave man donor’s cancer

The wrongful death lawsuit over a NY man whose kidney transplant from a female donor gave him the woman’s cancer will conclude soon in New York.

Vincent Liew was 37 years old when he received a kidney transplant from a woman who succumbed to a stroke. When an autopsy was performed on the woman, it revealed that the woman had uterine cancer.

According to an article in the NY Daily News, it took Liew’s physician two months before he learned of the autopsy results. The suit claims that the doctors should have removed the kidney as soon as the cancer diagnosis was made. Liew’s widow said that the physician advised, “Don’t worry about it, leave it in.” The doctors said that there was only a slight chance that Liew could contract the woman’s cancer because he was a man.

The kidney was eventually removed from Liew’s body after doctors said that he wasn’t adapting to it. Liew died a few weeks later and an autopsy confirmed that he died of cancer and that his cancer had genetically female cells.

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