Medical Malpractice Jury Awards 2.5 Million in Damages for HIV Misdiagnosis

In Washington State, there is no defined cap on damages in medical malpractice cases. A recent verdict in Massachusetts awarded a woman 2.5 million dollars for medical misdiagnosis after she had been treated for nine years for HIV infection when she never had the virus. One can only imagine the psychological and physical toll on this woman who had to take a cocktail of anti-viral medications, each with their own side effect. After her correct diagnosis, the woman said it was hard not to live like she had HIV.

This kind of misdiagnosis is not as uncommon as one might think. In January of 2002, an Oklahoma jury awarded a man 1.4 million dollars after he had been treated for HIV when he also did not have the virus.

Medical malpractice occurs not only when a doctor fails to re-check tests or order additional tests when they are warranted. It can also occur when the doctor’s course of action causes the patient harm, as in the above mentioned patient who had the expense and physical side effects of medications for a disease that she did not have.

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