Medical malpractice and wrong site surgeries

Washington Injury Attorney found an interesting article about botched surgeries in the Boston Globe. The Globe reviewed wrong site surgeries since 2006 in Massachusetts State. They found that surgeons performed surgery in the wrong location 38 times. Of those wrong site surgeries, eleven were surgeries on the spine and four of those eleven were all performed at New England Baptist hospital.

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Private insurers and Medicare have said they will “no longer pay for costs associated with preventable errors.”

In a previous posting, we discussed the University of Washington’s efforts to reduce hospital and surgical malpractice errors by providing surgeons a checklist. The checklist is now a standard procedure in the operating rooms at Harborview. Using a checklist, surgeons have better outcomes and better communication and avoid mistakes like wrong site surgeries.

Surgical errors results in thousands of injuries every year. We believe surgical errors such as wrong site surgeries can and should be eliminated completely.

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