Man who suffered traumatic brain injuries in discus accident sues Rotary Club for negligence

Steven Gall, a Medford, Oregon, man who suffered traumatic brain injuries after being hit in the head by a discus at a Rotary relay has filed a suit against the Medford Rotary Club for failing to safeguard spectator’s safety.

Gall was photographing the event in April of 2007, when a 3.3 pound discus hit him in the head above his eye. He suffered brain lacerations and skull fractures and has a cognitive impairment due to his injuries. He has trouble reading and working.

In the lawsuit against the Rotary Club, Gall is asking $2.7 million in compensation including $2.5 noneconomic damages, $65,000 for medical expenses, $3,500 loss of income and $125,000 or more loss in income in the future. Non economic damages damages allow a person to recover monies for mental anguish and physical caused by the injury accident.

The lawsuit claims that the Rotary Club was negligent in the setup of the spectator area and knew that a discus was likely to go into the spectator area as one had earlier in the day.

Gall settled with the Medford School District for a sum of $125,000 about six weeks ago.

Information for this article is from The Seattle Times.

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