Man suffers “life threatening” injuries in Christmas Day pit bull dog attack

Seattle’s reports that Chirstopher Friesen, 21, suffered life threatening injuries — puncture wounds, crushing injuries and abrasions — when he was attacked by two pit bull dogs on Christmas morning. According to the report, one dog had Friesen by his head and arm and the other by his legs and feet. Doctors said he would have been killed if he was a smaller person.

According to the Molalla, Oregon police, Friesen was walking home from a friend’s house when he was attacked. A neighbor, hearing his cries for help, beat the dogs off with a shovel. The dogs eventually left the area and police are now looking for them.

We hope the authorities find these dogs before they attack and injure another person. We also hope Mr. Friesen recovers fully from his injuries.

Around 800,00 people a year are bit by a dog and of these, almost 20% require medical treatment. In 2007, there were 33 fatal dog attacks in the United States. The number of dog fatalities has risen every year for the past decade.

In this case, the dogs’ owner is obviously negligent in allowing his/her dogs to roam free. The victim in this case should be able to collect a substantial settlement towards medical costs, pain and suffering, loss of wages and rehabilitation costs.

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