Man sues Home Depot and manufacturer of riding lawnmower for injuries

A Wisconsin man is suing the manufacturer of a lawnmower, MTD Products, Inc., and Home Depot, Inc., the distributor of the riding lawnmower after it flipped and he sustained serious injuries when the lawnmower flipped and struck him reports The Record of Madison/St. Clair.

The man, Matthew Cauble, said he was following the manufacturer’s instructions when driving the MTD Shift-On-The-Go lawn tractor up and down a slope instead of driving it across. According to Cauble, the lawnmower’s transmission slipped and it started to roll backwards. He jumped off of it and the transmission re-engaged and the mower blades hit Cauble.

In his dangerous/defective products suit, Cauble claims that MTD’s design of a tractor was flawed because it was not “reasonably stable” on slopes and was prone to overturn when accelerating. His suit also claims that Home Depot sold a tractor that was defective and unsafe.

Cauble is asking for a judgment of more than $250,000 and other relief. Cauble had considerable medical costs due to his injuries.

In filing a defective product suit, the claims are usually based on negligence, strict liability, breach of contract, breach of warranty or guaranty under the Uniform Commercial Code. Washington State has a Washington Products Liability Act which sets forth rules and responsibilities to the manufacturers and sellers of defective or dangerous products and makes it easier for an injured person to recover compensation for damages.

Product liability can include the product manufacturer, manufacturers of component parts, the wholesaler and the retailers.

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0 responses to “Man sues Home Depot and manufacturer of riding lawnmower for injuries”

  1. CAT says:

    It’s his own fault. He probably didbn’t inguage the transmission correctly and then he should never have jumped off. He should have just allowed the tractor to roll back down intot the revine he was mowing. Stupid move on his part.

  2. Steve Morris says:

    a lawnmower by definition is unsafe with it designed to spin blades to cut grass. The gentleman refers to the transmission slipping , if this is the case then maybe the angle of the hills he was going up were unreasonably steep for a lawnmower and common sense should have told him that.