Man paralyzed in I-405 car accident awarded $30M in claim against DOT and painting company

The Seattle Times reports that Koti Hu, 30, has been awarded a $30M in damages by a King County jury in the Seattle-area car accident that left him paralyzed.

Hu described his injuries on his website,

My neck was broken by severe whiplash in the force of the collision, and my spinal cord badly damaged. I am now paralyzed, a C5/6 tetraplegic with severe, chronic neuropathic pain. It is very difficult. “

Hu’s car accident occurred on an Interstate 405 on-ramp in July 2007. A private painting truck rear-ended his vehicle leaving Hu with catastrophic injuries. After the motor vehicle accident, Hu requires care and suffers a lot of pain. Before the accident, Hu was a musician who played several instruments and regularly performed at his church. Hu describes his condition:

Now, I live my life in a wheelchair, I can’t use my fingers, and I can’t walk.

Hu’s legal team claimed that the design of the meter on-ramp was flawed which was a huge factor in the car accident. The jury agreed.

The jury found that the Department of Transportation (DOT) was 40% responsible for the accident and awarded Hu $12M from the DOT. The company that owns the painting truck was determined to be 60% responsible.

Products liability law describes tort liability which provides that a manufacturer or seller of a product that injures a person or user of the product may be held liable. Even highway design can involve products liability law if that highway was poorly designed and a person suffered injury. In Hu’s case the jury found that negligent design by the Washington DOT contributed to the cause of the car accident.

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