Man killed in pit bull dog attack, 3 others injured

A 71-year-old man, William Parker, died after two pit bull dogs attacked him while he was walking. The man suffered severe dog bites and then went into cardiac arrest and died after the attack.

Parker’s daughter was hospitalized in critical condition after the dogs attacked her.

Another man, Kevin Stringell, also suffered dog bites.

The dog attack occurred at 230 North Manassas Street in downtown Memphis, TN.

Two firefighters who came to the man’s rescue were also attacked by the dogs and they were treated at a local hospital and released.

The owner of the dogs has been arrested for violating the sex offender registry act. The dogs have been impounded.

Every year, approximately 885,000 require treatment after a dog attack and approximately 16 people are killed. Dog bite injuries can be horrific and many of them require multiple surgeries to repair the damage. Dog bite injuries can leave a person with disfiguring scars, post-traumatic stress syndrome and permanent nerve damage.

Washington State has a Dog Bite Law which can find the owner of a dog that injures a person to be held liable for the person’s damages including medical costs and for pain and suffering.

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