Man files medical malpractice suit against Stanford hospital

A man who claims he developed a “debilitating infection” after donating blood at the Stanford Hospital Blood Center has filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the hospital and says that the hospital denied him treatment when he could not afford to pay his medical expenses.

According to KGO Radio Bay Area News, Christopher Bui, 43, was a blood donor for 10 years when he suffered an infection. In his suit, Bui contends that when he gave blood, there was an implicit agreement that Stanford would care for him by virtue of him making blood donations. Bui also contends that the hospital sold his blood after his donation.

No dollar amount for damages has been specified in the medical malpractice suit because Bui’s attorney says that he must first determine how much Stanford earns selling blood donations.

Complications from blood donations are rare and most complications include bruising, fainting, or tingling of the lips. There should be no risk of developing a blood-borne infection when giving blood because sterile disposable equipment should be used for each donor.

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  1. Joanne Ghiglione says:

    I had surgery at Stanford In January 2010. I have progressively gotten worse and have suffered with several post op complications. Stanford neglected to inform me of risks prior to hip arthroscopy surgery. I am now under the care of a second hip arthroscopy specialist. I have been informed that the surgery position has further exacerbated my lumbar disc disease. My post op MRI has more findings and I potentially have AVN,which will lead to a total hip replacement. I was a runner and swimmer and now am unable to do these sports. I suffer daily with chronic pain that I didn’t have before surgery. Stanford said I would be able to run at 3-4 months. I can’t walk without each step being painful. I want to seek legal retribution.

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