Man critically injured after being struck by a car in downtown Tacoma

A man was critically injured on Friday in downtown Tacoma when he was struck by a Jeep as he stood behind his pickup truck. The man, who appeared to be in his mid-50s suffered life threatening injuries and he was taken to Tacoma General Hospital reports The News Tribune.

The incident occurred in the 700 block of South Commerce Street about 4pm.

The 44-year-old driver of the jeep that struck the man was detained while the accident is being investigated.

The driver of the jeep may have been driving erratically prior to the accident. The report said that he had passed several vehicles prior to striking the man.

Trauma of Pedestrian Accidents

All accidents are traumatic but an accident that occurs when a motor vehicle hits a person it can result in catastrophic and disabling injuries or death.

Fatal injuries caused when a pedestrian is struck by a motor vehicle occur about 6,000 times each year, an average of more than 15 people every day. In addition, more than 100,000 people are seriously injured by a motor vehicle when struck by a car or truck.

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When a pedestrian accident occurs, the victim has much a lot to contend with with recovery first and foremost. An attorney can assist the victim with answers to many questions including how to deal with insurance companies, how to apply for long-term disability and how to file a legal claim for damages.

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