Man awarded $1M surgical medical malpractice settlement after colonoscopy

A Las Cruses, New Mexico man was award $1 million in a surgical medical malpractice settlement against his surgeon, Dr. David Friedman, for Friedman’s negligence in repairing a colon perforation after a colonoscopy reports the Sun-News.

The jury deliberated 12 hours after a six day trial and made the award to Michael Salopek for his medical costs and for pain and suffering.

Salopek had a colonoscopy back in 2005. He went to see a Dr. Friedman, a general surgeon, to repair a tiny perforation caused during the colonoscopy. Friedman failed to find the perforation during surgery and assumed that it had closed. Malopek suffered a severe infection in his abdomen due to the continued leakage of fecal matter and had to have 13 subsequent surgeries including the removal of part of part of his colon.

The jury found that Friedman was negligent and failed the standard of care because he could have used procedures, including using a blue dye, to find the perforation.

A colonoscopy is an exam of the large colon and part of the small bowel with a camera on a flexible tube that is inserted through the anus. It is often a routine screening procedure for colo-rectal cancer and can be used to remove small pre-cancerous polyps.

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