Mammogram technician pleads guilty for faking test results

A mammogram technician has pleaded guilty to 10 misdemeanor charges of “reckless conduct” and a single charge of computer forgery after it was discovered that she faked mammogram test results for more than 1,300 women.

Rachael Michelle Rapraeger’s malfeasance was discovered after nine women, who had previously gotten “all clear” mammogram reports, discovered that they had breast cancer. There are reports that two women’s deaths were as a result of the negative test results.

Rapraeger was a lead radiological technologist in a small community in Alaska. She entered negative results on 1,289 mammograms at the hospital where she worked. These tests were never reviewed by a radiologist.

Rapraeger purposefully filed erroneous test results of a false negative which prevented, in some cases, a correct diagnosis and early treatment of breast cancer.

Once it was discovered that Rapraeger falsified test results, she confessed to her crimes and was fired.

She faces up to six months in detention as well as $12,5000 in fines.

Technician and Hospital face civil lawsuits

Victims of Rapraeger’s fraud have filed more than 30 civil lawsuits against her and Houston Healthcare System, the parent company for the hospital where she worked. Some of the suits reportedly have been settled.

One wonders where the checks and balances were in the healthcare system? Did the doctors who ordered the mammograms ever check back on the results when Rapraeger became back logged? Were there any supervisor’s checking Raprager’s work? Where their compliance reports required on the radiologist who were presumably being paid for work that they never did?

Many of the mammography patients are understandably furious with Rapraeger and a healthcare system that apparently did not have checks and balances. Many are also furious with a court system that allowed her to enter a plea agreement that amounted to no more than a slap on the wrist.

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