Liquor Control Board cites Spokane bars after fatal DUI car accident

The Washington State Liquor Control board has cited two Spokane bars for over-serving a young driver resulting in a fatal head-on car accident on I-90.

According to a report in The Seattle Times, the Board has cited Lions Lair, and are seeking a 5 day liquor license suspension, and BLVD, and are seeking a 30 day liquor license suspension.

Sterling Kruger, age 22 of Davenport, had visited both bars before driving drunk and being involved in a a head-on collision on December 17, 2009. Kruger was killed in the accident along with two of his passengers.

In civi court, a bar, restaurant, bowling alley or other commecial estabilishment can be held legally liable if they served alcoholic beverages to an obvioulsy intoxicated person and that person subsequently injuries or kills another person due to their intoxication. This legal concept is called Dram Shop Liability. The family of the deceased would then have recourse to file suit against the bar or restaurant under Washigton’s wrongful death statute.

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