Letters to Seattle Post Intelligencer support HB 1873 — Wrongful Death

In a previous blog posting, we discussed House Bill 1873 (HB1873) which would allow parents to sue for the wrongful death of an adult child due to the negligence of another. HB1873, sponsored by Tim Ormsby (D-Spokane), is currently in front of the Washington State Senate.

State Representative Brendan Williams (D-Olympia) in a column, Valuing Families in an enlightened age, says that current laws have “not caught up with the times” as many families are still significantly involved in their children’s lives beyond the age of 18. He says current laws also do not take in account of parents whose disable d child might be killed through the negligence of another, thus diminishing the value of their lives. Williams believes that HB1873 not only rights wrongs, but deters them.

In a heartfelt letter to the PI, Ann Millican of Elk wrote about the 2006 death of her 19-year-old son in an industrial accident. Millican wrote that the work site lacked safety devices and had mechanical failures. Without HB 183, she is unable to “seek accountability” for her son’s death through a wrongful death action. She feels that without HB1873 those young unmarried children who were killed by “gross negligence, oversights, lack of safety compliances, criminal offenses, faulty equipment manufacturers, parts and device failures, poor equipment maintenance” voices will not be heard.

In another letter to the editor, Karen Anderson of Omak, wrote about the death of her 39-year-old son who was killed at a construction site when a 2,000-pound wall fell on him. In her letter, Anderson described the devastating consequences to the entire family. She urges the Senate to pass the bill.

The letters in The Seattle Post Intelligencer are but a few of the parents speaking urging the Senate to pass HB1873. Parents feel that the HB1873 holds people whose negligence contributed to the death of their child accountable. We concur.

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