Leading Harley Davidson dealer killed in Wyoming motorcycle accident

Burce Rossmeyer, the owner of the “World’s Largest” Harley Davidson motorcycle empire was killed in a motorcycle accident in Wyoming. Rossmeyer was killed in a collision with a truck as he was riding through Wyoming on a trip to South Dakota and a bike rally in Sturgis.

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According to a report in the Orlando Sentinel, the accident occurred when Rossmeyer attempted to pass a slow moving Ford truck pulling a trailer. The driver of the Ford had slowed down and was making a left turn when Rossmeyer hit the driver’s-side door. Rossmeyer was not wearing a helmet. The report said that the truck driver’s signals and brake lights were operational at the time of the accident.

Rossmeyer owned 15 Harley Davidson dealerships and stores throughout the United States. His largest enterprise was Destination Daytona in Florida.

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