Lawsuits starting to pile up against maker of Actos® because of bladder cancer link

Attorneys across the U.S. are starting to advertise for and are being contacted by people who took the diabetes drug Actos® and now have bladder cancer.

While France has pulled Actos® off of the market and Germany has recommended to physicians that no new patients begin the drug, in the U.S., Actos® is still being sold with only added warnings to the patient information labels. Physicians have also been give the warning that they should not prescribe Actos® to patients who have bladder cancer or who have had bladder cancer.

Actos® came to the market 10 years ago and it seemed like a perfect Type II diabetes drug because it helped control blood sugar and only had to be taken once a day. For many patients, it meant they would not have to inject insulin.

The problem with Actos® is no one really understood the effects it would have on the body when taken for 5 or 10 years.

The FDA has just released their analysis of five years of data of a 10-year Actos® safety study that began in 2002. The conclusion is that, while the overall number of bladder cancer cases are small, it appears that there are an extra 28 cases a year for every 100,000 people who have taken Actos®. The conclusion is that the risk of risk of bladder cancer was 40% higher for those patients who have taken Actos® for a year or more.

In recent months, personal injury attorneys across the U.S. have been contacted by patients with bladder cancer. Many bladder cancer patients have had to undergo several surgeries and chemotherapy.

The personal injury lawyers at The Farber Law Group feels that Takeda Pharmaceuticals either knew or should have known about the serious risk of bladder cancer. We will work hard to investigate Takeda’s actions and we will do all that we can to help bladder cancer patients who took Actos®.

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